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Was feelin’ a little nostalgic after yesterday – and so it was a happy coincidence that I happened to stumble across these two links. Please, please, please tell me if you remember these and they aren’t just fabricated memories left over from my days in the Weapon X program.

First – BATTLE BEASTS! I’m not completely sure, but apparently there was a cartoon of these guys, and they were…bizzare Transformers spin-offs? I have no idea – I just had a billion of the toys in my basement when I was a wee lad. …well, more accurately, I stole them from my cousin. And recently, he stole them back. So…I don’t really have them anymore. But MAN, these toys ROCKED. They had this little patch of something on their chests, where if you rubbed them real hard, it would show whether they were wood, fire, or water. And it was pretty friggin’ hard to rub them – hurt my thumb like the devil. Water puts out fire, fire burns wood, wood…uh…floats…in water…COME ON, I’m not the only one that had these, am I!?!

Okay, then what about Dino Riders!?! I actually remember watching the show and buying the toys. My favourite was the torosaurus. Combining dinosaurs with tons of insane looking lasers…how could a kid resist this show? Who cares if you took off all it’s guns? It’s still a frickin’ dinosaur! Unfortunately – being as elaborate as they are – the add-on armaments didn’t really survive the tests of time, and I don’t think I have a single Dino Rider still in one piece. But I do have memories. Oh, the memories. I weep for you if you were a dirty immigrant who came from Boston or Hong Kong and missed out on “DI-NO RIIIDERS!!!”

…I also vaguely remember a cartoon about Ewoks…but I have a feeling that the less said about that one, the better.



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