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Gunstar Heroes is finally back. Did someone just say “Weeaboo?” ’cause I think I just heard someone say “Weeaboo.”

Random Vin Diesel Fact is also possibly the biggest time waster in the history of time wasting. It has eaten entire hours out of my life. Please, for your sake, do not touch this link if you aren’t finished exams. …which – now that I think about it – might not be too many of you. Here’s some notables that I found…

There’s an old saying that ‘You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose.’ Vin Diesel became so enraged upon learning this, that he carved to words into the belly of a eunuch and defeated him under the judgement of Thunderdome.

If Vin Diesel was a woman, his vagina would contain the teeth and jaw pressure of a full grown crocodile.

Vin once went sledding in New Hampshire and broke the sound barrier by turning his head around and blowing forcefully. As a result of the shock waves, several children died. Vin ascended to heaven and repeatedly punched God in the eye until he brought them all back to life. Every single one of those children are now scientists.

He built a full-size replica of The Parthenon out of sugar cubes. It melted in the rain 2 days later. 13 virgins were sacrificed to calm his anger.

Reminds me of the Bill Brasky skits from SNL.

Also, I think this Panda Dog link is really old, but I’ve never seen it, so it’s new to me. Just wanted to post it so I could point out that just by looking at it, you already know some dirty chink is behind it. You crazy glass eating Asians.



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