(A Random Post)

I apologize. Five days without a post is ridiculous. Forgive me.

You know what else is ridiculous? That no one I’ve actually spoken to in person has seen Awesometown, one of the better links I’ve posted for the last couple of months and prime inspirational material for Five Seasons. Why do I bother putting this stuff up then!?!

Go watch it you buck futters.

I am depressed. Not because no one besides Sheep clicks my links – right from the start, I’ve gotten used to the idea that these posts have no purpose and thus no target audience. I don’t even know why I complained about it at all. I’m depressed because I’m slow and lazy, and I’ve squandered three of my earliest ideas because I kept them locked up in The Vault. And now I’ve realized that they’ve already been done, and I don’t have anything new.

1) iAttire. Actually I’ve never had this idea – I just thought this was the stupidest fucking thing I’ve seen this month and so it would make for an okay link. Rule of threes, and all that, you know?

2) Lord Of The Rings subbed in Engrish. I had this idea to sub…something (not the longest movie ever made, but…something) in Engrish, back when the site was still new. But then I put it in the vault, threw away the key, and forgot about it until now. I didn’t watch any off the site, by the way – so I don’t know if it’s funny or not. I was just using it to whine.

3) Pretty straight forward webcam jackassery. I never said I had fantastic ideas. But this is particularly frustrating because I think they did it much better than I could have. They even have the material down as well as I do – I mean, even the “Yeah-ah-ah”‘s in the background are covered. Also, bonus points for the guy in the back playing CS. I don’t think I would have thought of that one either.
(EDIT: I caught a slip with the guy on the left – on the third last repeat of the chorus, he gears up for a “who you are” a beat too soon. Motherfuckerin’ fobs ain’t so great after all!)

I always thought that if I lived on residence and I didn’t have the daily three hours of commuting sapping my life away, this site would be different. There would be…more. Not sure of what, but there would be more of it.

But this was supposed to be our time! Something has to be done. And now I’m all old and washed up. I’m bummed out, my well is dry, and I have no heart. And goddamn, that’s frustrating.

Oh, and trained flies! Hahaha, look at ’em go! Oh, you crazyass Japs. What will we ever do with you?



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