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And now how do I follow that post? With a bunch of wimpy “heh heh” links that you’ll forget in half an hour and quoting stupid Van Damme lines? Honestly, come on.

So let this post be a tribute. This is not the greatest post in the world, no – this is just a tribute. Couldn’t rememberaaah the greatest post in the world yeah NO – this is a triiibuuuuteooooh.


Check out these other follow-up acts.

Natalie Raps – Nothing from this post-Ferrell generation will touch Lazy Sunday. I realize now that was a fluke. Still a noble attempt here, but it’s got practically no memorable lines. However, I think Natalie Portman’s bull-dyke hair actually helped here, and regardless of it’s inability to out-lazy (or out-Sunday) Lazy Sunday, Natalie Portman has jumped to yet another level in my book. In fact, I’m prepared to forget and deny that she was ever in Star Wars. …which is odd, because she was never even attached to any Star Wars properties, so I don’t even know why I would say something like that. (…aaaaaand, done)

(Also, I find it hilarious how NBC is being an ass and telling YouTube to pull their SNL videos. Because it would obviously be wrong to get so much free advertising for such a crappy show. I mean, it’s okay to completely rip-off No More Questions by Easy-E without giving any credit at all, but when you host videos while giving full credit to its source…that’s just not right.)

X3 (sorry, “X-Men: The Last Stand”) trailer – Neat, I guess. Absolutely nothing to suggest it’ll top X2 though. And also, it’s going to be impossible not to laugh when the Juggernaut shows up for the first time.

…so retarded…stomach hurts from laughing…oh Jesus help me.

X-Men Anime Intro THE SEQUEL – The second version? Again…why bother with more if you’ve already hit perfection on the first try? No moon crying unfortunately, but they still couldn’t hold off at the end. They tried so hard and they almost held out for the entire thing…but it just broke through at the end.

And I know you’re all immediately going to want to watch the first one again, so here’s the link, for your convenience.

God, it’s good to be alive.

It’s the collecktionagensee BAI-SON. And CHOR ASS…is seeex monthahs ovahdue…AN EETS MAHINE!!!

(I think I went Ahnuldese at the end there instead of Van Dammage…I have difficulty differentiating it sometimes.)



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