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Only In Shakespeare Class Would You Meet A Girl Named Vincenza

Dance, Dance – Fall Out Boy

Even though I found out a long time ago that Vincenza has a boyfriend, it hasn’t stopped me from…engaging her. Now, you all know that I’m resolutely against chasing another dude’s girl, but hey, we sit together in class. She’s hot. I’m going to talk to her and I’m going to enjoy it. Hell, I’m talking to her on msn right now. She uses pink text. *swoon*

In Monday’s class, almost out of nowhere, I asked her how she met her boyfriend. It’s not an uncommon question and I was curious. She said that they used to go to elementary school together, then he moved away. One day he came back and called her up and eventually they became a couple. Pretty simple. It made me think of Maura, one of my earliest crushes. What if I went back to Avon? Would she even remember me? I highly doubt it. I think it’s so sweet that she dates this guy who she knew from elementary school. She’s never known the anxiety of trying to meet someone at U of T. She is so lucky.

I am going to be entering my final year of education at U of T (well, I’m probably going to do a fifth year but follow me on this one). I have searched far and wide for an attractive, single girl who might be willing to go on a date with me. I have been unsuccessful. I am never short of hope or ambition, but even I must admit that the chances of meeting someone next year are slim. I can only imagine how different my life might have been if I wasn’t such a social inebriate early in my life. If I wasn’t still one.

On the bright side, we got out of Shakespeare class earlier than usual and as I was about to make a frenzied run to the bus station, Vincenza offered to give me a ride. This was particularly fortuitous because I was hoping to catch a YRT bus at Finch that runs once an hour. Thanks to her help, I made it.

On Wednesday, I was walking around after Media class for a couple of hours. It was such a beautiful day. I ran into my friend Rosena on a random street corner. She’s a comic book artist. Her work is mighty impressive. We went to the Harry Tarantula and I showed her all the cool comics that I’ve read. I was happy to have someone to walk around with. You can only have so much “me” time before it just gets depressing.

Max showed me the building site for a new store called Cerealicious. When he told me about it before, I assumed it was an offshot of our beloved Cereality. WRONG. He did some investigating and sent me this story. Clearly, these fuckers must pay. Let’s burn this thing to the ground.

Here’s your obligatory YouTube link. It’s Dane Cook doing an impression of Tom Cruise on Oprah. Just watch it.

Oh yeah, this is the 900th post in the WAMBAG’s illustrious history. Will, you done some good here.

Some nonsense! I don’t believe in demons from Hell. And I don’t appreciate the bast–
You believe in God and Jesus and angels, right? Well, Father, I’m sorry…you don’t get to pick and choose.

EDIT: I just found another article about Cereality. We’re in it! More importantly, I’M IN IT!!! Ha ha ha, YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!



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