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I’m just going to empty the entire Notepad document today, get all these old links out.

– I am currently being endlessly amused by this gameplay video of Sumotori Dreams, which is a game that answers the unasked question of what if they took Porrasturvat and turned it into a crappy fighting game. There’s just something really glorious about the fact that we’ve now advanced as a civilization to the point where we now have technology readily available to render and simulate the exact physics of drunken stumbling. I can’t stop giggling at this.

– Are you interested in a BAPE themed DS Lite? Well then order it here for ¥83,790 ($790 CAD)!

– Time for some random old sports commercials. Tim Duncan for American Express (haha, Kevin Willis), HEB bread, and this for Nike one from way back. Pretty weird that last one, not sure what it’s trying to say. Maybe that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Also, here’s a random Shaq teaching Spanish 101 commercial for the NBA on TNT, advertising the start of the 2004-2005 season, and this random NFL on ESPN commercial that randomly features a surprisingly familiar face right in the middle. Ha, “No Huddle Offense 101” – quality.

Bill Russell?



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