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Don LaFontaine, the “King of Voiceovers”, has passed away at age 68. One of the greatest joys of my life has always been enjoying movie trailers, and so it brings me great sadness that a man so inherently part of the genre will no longer be part of it. (…ironically, neither of the two trailers I just linked to features a voiceover by Mr. LaFontaine.)

As a meager tribute to his staggering and unquantifiable contributions to the art of movie trailers, I dug through the archives to find a link that did a good job in capturing a lot of the elements that are responsible for making a great movie trailer great. Yes, that’s right…it’s time to revisit the trailer for Lost in Translation.

I also thought this trailer for Surfer, Dude was a fictional mock-up parody trailer…but turns out it’s an actual movie! Matthew McConaughey as a clueless surfer deity that spends the entire movie shirtless and whose every other word is “dude?” …with Woddy Harrelson and Willie Nelson high on weed the entire time to round it out!?! God, there’s no way I won’t watch this movie. (Bonus bit: One version of this trailer on YouTube has a comment that reads “Looks different, but good.” That comment currently has a -4 rating. Actually, now -5 after me.)

Also, as long as I’m here, I want to point you towards Sex Drive, which features Clark Duke, Cyclops, and apparently Van Damme’s Lyon Gaultier character from Lionheart as the main character’s mental voice of reason. Good stuff.

Though…I can’t help but feel as though they ripped a lot of this material from Project Artemis though, especially all of Clark’s lines. There’s a rat on our team.

“Now…somewhere…somehow…someone’s…gonna pay.” (Goosebumps!)

Thanks for the memories, Don.




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