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I think the best thing about flying is the moving walkways they have in airports. You step onto one, just like that, you’re flying along like you have superspeed. It’s nuts. I can’t imagine how anyone could pass up on having a taste of this higher state of human experience, and consequently I hold nothing but contempt for those that choose not to walk on these moving pathways, but beside them, and I continually curse their folly as I speed by.

And then of course, once you get off it, walking at a normal speed again is almost too slow to bear. Just a crushing reminder of the inadequacies of your normal human life and your normal human walking speed.

Some interesting notes of interest so far, but maybe I’ll note them here at another time. Here are some links that I saved ahead of time specifically for this purpose.

“A remastered fight scene from the Dark Knight DVD special features.” Despite the fact that I enjoyed The Dark Knight so much the way it is, I can’t help but think the movie would have worked better this way.

This is a video of Kanye West live in concert, going on a weirdly entertaining auto-tuner freestyle after an incident with the crowd.

Also, please note that you must turn the shirts inside out before washing.

Someone just threw a fucking penny at me
What the fuck is wrong with you?



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