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– Saw these nifty videos from Microsoft, where they imagine all sorts of wacky Microsoft gadgets for the year 2019. Microsoft ads always have top notch production values, so it’s a pretty cool video even if you have no interest in future productivity gadgets. My favourite part about Microsoft’s vision of the future? No black people. (EDIT: Oops, sorry – there is one that works in that Walmart type store in the first video. He appears for like half a second, at the 0:40 mark. Hurray for future race relations!)

I personally don’t dig too many of the ideas…all this touchscreen this, touchscreen that is going to make for a very fingerprint and smudge filled future. Does every single piece of technology we work with need to come from the set of Minority Report? Even the newspaper? Really? The real question is going to be whether or not newspapers still even exist 10 years from now. Our children are all going to be like “You read ink off paper? Every morning?” …actually, they won’t even know what mornings are anymore after the sun gets blacked out from the nuclear weapon fallout we employ against the cyberzombie horde, so scratch that bit.

Here is the story of a a beer drinking, cigarette smoking bear named Voytek, who was raised by Polish troops to fight against the Nazis in World War 2. There’s really nothing more I can say to sell this link.

But on a more serious note…being mauled by a bear is no laughing matter.

– I don’t know how many of you have seen these “389 years ago…” posters, celebrating the history of African Americans, blah blah blah, Obama, slavery, all that stuff…but anyway, here’s another one depicting the next 389 years of human history.

– This is the latest hot video to be making the rounds on ye olde interwebs – a commercial for Sakura-Con 2009, an anime convention hosted annually in Seattle. I think it’s funny enough on its on merits, but I thought I’d throw in this video of just the “GIRUGAMESH!” guy looping over and over again for 10 minutes. There’s subtle genius at work here – it’s just as good at the ten second mark as it is at the nine minute mark. I encourage you to check out the comments as well, YouTube snarkiness at its finest.

– In the same spirit as Food Porn Daily and This Is Why You’re Fat, I bring you Scanwiches.

– Nothing really to do with anything, but I thought I’d post up a quick link to Norm MacDonald’s semi-recent appearance on Conan, since these things have an unusual and unfortunate habit of disappearing. This is the interview, and this is the cooking segment afterwards with both Norm and Gordon Ramsay together. I’m not sure which trainwreck is the funnier segment; the interview is less conventionally funny, but it’s vintage Norm MacDonald talk show rambling, only magnified and distilled to a brilliant, uncomfortable level. It completely breaks down at multiple points through the interview, and one of the funnier bits with these two is always Conan’s persistent efforts to humour Norm and set up his bits, balanced with the simultaneous urge to trip him up whenever he can. But Conan’s seemed to have this thing figured out pretty well – Norm MacDonald is always funnier as a talk show guest when he’s allowed to mingle with (or set loose on) the other guests, and Gordon Ramsay’s a great personality to play off of as well.

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