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Oh yeah, The WAMBAG. Uh…let’s just get back to work.

– Regarding the aforementioned overrated piece of trash…here’s some set pictures of her dressed for her new role of a dirty Old West prostitute in the upcoming Jonah Hex movie. Look at her waist…I don’t even think that’s anatomically possible. She looks like a Rob Liefeld drawing come to life. Also, if anyone tells you that they’re glad that they’re “finally making a Jonah Hex movie” they are flat out lying, just like with The Spirit. No one’s read an issue Jonah Hex in over 20 years. (I think he had a Vertigo mini-series a few years back that no one read and an appearance in a Justice League Unlimited episode, but those don’t count.) Still, I’m glad they they’re finally making a Jonah Hex movie.

– Speaking of remorseless gunslingers, Doc Halladay is fucking nails. I know he’s not a strikeout artist per say, but just check out those absolutely filthy two seamers that he freezes Gary Matthews Jr with twice last night. What a man’s man. Also, please check out this weird deadpan interview he has with The Score’s Gerry Dee. I think this might be literally the first time I have seen him laugh or smile or show some positive, non-scowling emotion in any capacity. And it scares me how closely a cybernetic pitching machine like Roy Halladay can mimic and emulate actual human emotion. He actually seems human at some brief points throughout the video.

Also, because I’m talking about baseball here, I think I’m obligated to report that Manny Ramirez has been suspended 50 games for failing a drug test. Apparently it wasn’t from steroids though, it was just from some weird illegal sexual performance drug. And the weird thing is that I absolutely believe Manny in this regard. Anyway, Dodgers are already 6.5 games up in the horrible NL West so losing Manny doesn’t hurt them too bad…and this 50 game break might even let him come back fresher for the stretch run and the playoffs, so this will still probably work out for them in the end.

– Do you happen to be looking for the music video of The Lonely Island‘s Like A Boss? (The only acceptable answer to that question is “Yes.”)

– Fuck this Street Fighter 4 nonsense – I’ve accepted now that I’ll never be good at conventional fighting games ever again, especially now that Marvel vs. Capcom 2‘s coming out again. This $15 PSN download will bring me more joy than that $70 disc ever will. I spent like 16 straight rounds trying to take two of three from the computer’s Abel on Easy (versus Very Easy) with Bison…couldn’t do it. Seriously, fuck this game, and fuck me for being so lame at it. I’m just going to train and get better just enough so that I can beat everyone I know, and then fuck it, I’m out.

– I’ve never been able to pick up SNK’s King of Fighters either…that game just looks way too violent for me. (…is this the stupidest link I’ve posted so far this year? I know it’s definitely up there.)

– I know Emu’s and Sheep’s birthdays are coming up this summer…and this tips my hand a bit, but what finer gift than a Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt? And please don’t just take my word for it, just check out all the online reviews of this fine product.

– (…have I already posted this before? …whatever.) Is it wrong that I enjoy this video as much as I do? Just way too many great bits in there to properly appreciate the first time through.

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