A Random September Post

Man, it was a lot easier to post when I could just throw any sort of crap I wanted up here and then be done with it all. Now I have to think of a fitting title to slap on all my crap first. I really have to tip my hats to you sirs, I never quite appreciated exactly how arduous of a process it was.

This backpack strikes me as something I would have really, really wanted when I was younger. It is also something that I really, really want right now for myself at my current age. Think it’s big enough to hold a laptop? Spidey and me, best pals, going to work!

Oh yeah and Disney bought Marvel so I think there might be an opportunity to make a Disney/Marvel backpack joke here…?

Whatever, I don’t care.

– They say necessity is the mother of invention, but I just don’t see it here. The foremost question in my mind after seeing “the greatest golf gift ever” – the UroClub – is…can you still use it as a normal club and hit balls with it? Can you imagine if they made like a softball or baseball version of this and you could actually swing it around? Would that be like the greatest thing ever…or the worse? Remember the NERF Liquator Bat? Same basic idea, except you just fill it up yourself. (“The Miken UroBat…harness the power of YOUR OWN URINE…”) Also, was I really the only person that didn’t initially think that it was like some sort of bizarre sex toy for people who wanted to fuck their golf clubs? Has the internet completely rotted my brain or has that inclination to think that everything is rooted in perversion always been there? Man, now this stupid thing has got me asking all sorts of questions to myself I don’t feel comfortable answering.

– Animals…they are just like us! Female gorillas alternatively offer and then withhold sex from males as psychological ploys against other females, and these Chinese dogs shop for groceries just like real Chinese people – they cut each other in line, yell everything very loudly, and inform any surrounding offspring about all the ingenious ways to touch, squeeze, or knock produce to tell if it’s fresh. Also, I hate them.

– There was a news report some time back about Al-Qaida attacking the ruling family of Saudi Arabia who are sympathetic towards repentant militants and terrorists, which I just got around to really reading through in detail. Remember how that dude who tried to smuggle a bomb in his shoe spooked all the airports and in turn made them force everyone to take off their shoes at security checkpoints? Well this article contains a pretty interesting bit…

In one version of the events, Al-Arabiya, a Saudi-owned television network, said the attacker concealed the explosives in his anus, allowing him to evade detection.

Let the terrorists win – I am not flying anywhere ever again. (Is Max back yet? Enjoy your flight, buddy.)

Chicken-Fried Bacon, YES! Fantastic. Added bonus – 50 comments below this item, all saying “how can i get a copy of this recipe”. Although my favourite might be the Hot Beef Sundae…I think it’s the little cherry tomato that just puts the whole thing over the top for me. Road trip to Nebraska? Book it!

– I can’t wait to get married. And now to end this post on a semi-related high note.

Who’s that riding into the sun?
Who’s the man with the itchy gun?
Who’s the man who kills for fun?

Psycho Dad!
Psycho Dad, Psycho Dad!

Quick with the gun
But he loves his son
Killed his wife
Because she weighed a ton

Psycho Dad!



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