Of Ghosts ‘N Goblins

I found myself sitting in my car alone in an empty gas station last night, just after I had filled up my tank. Some random song from my CD player was on while I contemplated whether or not I should treat myself to an ice cream sandwich for the two minute drive home. Suddenly, I heard what could only be some sort of high pitched cackling coming from the track that was currently playing. Of course, being the level-headed rational person I am, I just chalked it up to some wacky background production effects that only temporarily sounded like creepy laughter.

But then I heard it again, and realized there was no way it was just random noise – someone had definitely embedded some sort of a strange maniacal laughing track in the background of this song. I chalked it up to to some wacky artist pretentiousness and dismissed it as such. But just to double check, I rewound the track a few seconds to make sure it was there again.

It was not. Was I just hearing things? But then it came again – a slightly different laugh, but the same high pitched cackling. This was not recorded in the song, this was definitely something that was happening that moment, in a location very close to where I was sitting in my car. Sheer terror seized my heart as I whirled around, trying to look for the source of the sound – expecting by now to see some sort of horrible ethereal presence come to life to haunt me.

Turns out it was the high pitched whine of a little R/C car that a kid was driving around in the parking lot of the strip mall next to the gas station.

I bought the ice cream sandwich.

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I hope your dog dies.



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