Things I Do Not Like, Volume 2

You know how sometimes when you’re living at home, and your parents go away for a week on vacation, and you take your own week off from work to coincide with that week so that you can spend like just nine straight days alone in your house without any human interaction? And then even though there are two store bought pizzas in the fridge already, you end up buying two large pizzas from Domino’s anyway, because you just feel like eating something unhealthy, and they have a two-for-one special on Tuesdays, and hey, it’s Tuesday? And then you eat half of one large pizza and can’t quite finish half of the other one, so when you combine both pizza halves in one box, there’s like two slices left over and you don’t know where to put them?

God, I HATE when that happens.

Also, I am watching Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past right now, and it is an absolutely horrible movie. It’s so idiotic and pretentious…this is a romantic comedy! I was not prepared to hate this movie as much as I do.

But it has Amanda Walsh in it, so it’s not that bad.

Also high gas prices…? I do not like them.

– Three covers of the theme of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air are provided here, for your listening pleasure. Waiting in an airport with an ukulele and violin, by Jimmy Fallon while doing a spot-on Neil Young impression, and by Toronto indie artist Kay Pettigrew.

– Also, here is the Muppet version of Bohemian Rhapsody. I think I like this cover the best.

– My love for cereal and my love for flowcharts…finally combined together. My personal cereal choice is Honey Bunches of Oats – it’s unnerving how accurate this chart is.

– The nerdy part of me appreciates new screwdriver innovations as much as anyone, but part of me (the part unaccustomed to any sort of manual labour…likely also the nerdy part) just doesn’t understand how often the need for high torque screwdrivers arises in life. Also, the immature and juvenile part of me would like to point out that one of the Chinese inventors of this glorious perpendicular screwdriver is named…Wang Dongdong. Wang Dongdong! I don’t even really care about the screwdriver, MY GOD…the name!

– This is GOCHU, a Korean drama parody. Absolutely pitch perfect, so fantastic that it makes me wish I’ve watched more Korean dramas in my life so that I could have better appreciated this.

– What if I told you I had a set of King of Fighters cards with the heads of NBA personalities Photoshopped onto them? Would that be something you’d be interested in? I know, it sounds awesome, but I promise you it’s even more awesome than you could possibly imagine. I don’t know if the Steve Nash one is my favourite or the Larry Bird one is…I really think it’s too close to call between those two.

I Love This Game



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