Dragon Tattoos Are Pretty Cool, Actually

On the road to work this morning, and I saw this white S-Class Mercedes – like a $100,000+ luxury automobile – that was horribly defaced with a bumper sticker. Which is just a tragedy, like when beautiful women ruin their bodies with lame tattoos. Even worse…it was a Barack Obama bumper sticker – whether it was in support of him or against his policies I have no idea, but it was irrelevant since we were both in Richmond Hill.

Also when I later cut him off, I looked back and saw a Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl champions hat on his dashboard. He was a young man of either South Asian or Hispanic descent (again, we were in Richmond Hill, Canada…so likely just South Asian). What an interesting life that man must lead.

Three of the top ten lamest things to list as one of your interests/hobbies (I don’t have the time or inclination to order them yet) – American politics, college basketball (unless for gambling purposes), Asian pop music (especially if your interest is purely in the music and not in the questionable jailbait featured in music videos). What’s surprising is that I actually have friends that are very interested in those exact things.

What’s not surprising is that I secretly (or not so secretly) hate and laugh at them all the time for that very reason.

One totally not lame thing to be interested in…fucking velociraptor cufflinks! If only I had a shirt with French cuffs. Or a reason to wear it if I did. Oh well! ONTO THE LINKS

– People often ask me what I do at work, and I’m never really able to explain it beyond just a vague description along the lines of “programming…banking…stuff.” But I finally found a video that captures pretty much what my job responsibilities and daily activities entail. It’s pretty dry, but watch at least the first two minutes of it, and then maybe afterwards you can all stop joking around that you don’t know what I do anymore. Here it is!

Man, I need to start watching that show.

Here is the most recent trailer for Machete, which I am actually very surprised to learn is a real movie. Compare it to the old trailer released in Grindhouse. Have you ever looked at Danny Trejo’s IMDB page? That dude is, and will be, in like a billion fucking movies, yet I think this is the first one he gets to star in. Is that not awesome? I’m in!

Fuck you, Toronto Blue Jays. You fucking bumbling idiots. There’s so many elements of this decision and the timing of this announcement that are just ridiculously wrong and inept…I don’t even want to start going into it, because I have no real interest in writing a three thousand word post today.

– Brand new Marvel vs. Capcom 3 screenshots, also revealing Felicia, Devil May Cry’s Dante, Deadpool, and Captain America as confirmed characters – no real surprises there. Apparently Capcom is using a variant of the engine used in Lost Planet, which I personally think is an absolutely gorgeous looking game even though I have never actually played it. Despite all this, I find myself still absolutely apathetic towards this game. Wake me up when Skullomania is announced.

– Finally, for your viewing pleasure, here are the two vintage Robert Goulet appearances on Conan. It’s all deadly. Conan started The Tonight Show with Will Ferrell as his first guest…would it be too much to hope that he starts his new show on TBS with Bobby Goulet?

BONUS: Random Conan bit featuring the world’s oldest stuntman and the always classic Conan O’Brien face palm expression, which always means it’s a particularly good/stupid bit.

Now Tyane I can get into.



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