And Dallas Braden Is “Perfect Stranger” (2007)

Check out Armando Galarraga getting shafted out of a perfect game by an absolutely terrible call at first, with 2 out in the 9th inning. Hi-larious! There have already been two perfect games and a no-hitter pitched this season…another perfect game on top of that would have been too insane. Eat it, Detroit.

Armando Galarraga’s post game comments regarding umpire Jim Joyce’s self-admitted blown call…”Nobody’s perfect.”

Yeah. Especially you, Galarraga.

Roy Halladay on the other hand…

– I am really into Drunken Cooking right now, and I suggest checking out at least one of these videos. Genius premise (honestly, how could it fail?), great execution, and the base appeal that all cooking or food-related shows have. The fact that the dishes are vegetarian and features all sorts of organic ingredients actually makes it more appealing to me – it also doubles as a documentary into the lives of white people in their natural habitat (and in their natural state…drunk).

I enjoy it in the same way I enjoy listening to super indie music and playing softball…how else can I hate on the white man as strongly as I do without learning their ways and living among them? I am like Bruce Wayne at the start of Batman Begins when he’s in some random Asian jail and steals fruit and stuff.

Also, there is something strangely charming about the host, Lauren…that I can’t quite put my finger on. Some je nais se quoi that appeals to me at some, possibly instinctual, level.

– What’s that? Rumors that Mass Effect 3 may possibly be…multiplayer? Fascinating. Intriguing. TITILLATING.

An Open Letter to SubwayI totally know, right!?! But now…it all changes.

– Is this the coolest and nerdiest LEGO invention ever? Man, look at it!

– So there’s this article about how this woman is suing Citibank because they fired her for being too attractive. Yes, the allegations are ridiculous, and likely completely fabricated because women are just crazy and deceptive like that. So generally the first thing you think of going into a link like this is “bullshit, let me see how ‘hot’ this fugly liar really is”…only this woman, a 33 year-old single mother…is actually incredibly attractive. And from all the wacky stories in the article (don’t actually read it yourself, it’s horribly boring) it also seems like she is one of those people that are incredibly charismatic and thus probably like ten times as hot in real life. I side with Citibank on this one – getting rid of her will improve productivity by 9,000%. (And not like she was some genius either…her education consisted of a two year degree as an emergency medical technician from a technical college in Puerto Rico.)

I thank God every day for blessing me with a job as a computer programmer so that I will never have this problem. And also for living in Canada, a land devoid of these evil Puerto Rican/Latino hybrids.

Lucky me.

I hired a 90 pound girl to work in the stock room at Smart Tech for you, okay? I should’ve hired a 300 pound guy to lift the 60 inch flat screen, but instead I hired a hot girl who can’t lift an iPod to bring you out of your funk.



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