Starring Jay Baruchel As Liu Kang

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– Whoa, first glimpse of a new Mortal Kombat movie? Of course not you dummies. It’s clearly the intro of a new game, one that seems like a huge departure from the previous iterations. Which is pretty noteworthy news by itself, actually. How could an actual movie remain under wraps for so long, only for Kotaku of all sites to break the news? Silly rabbits, Trix are for kids.

– Here’s a very quick bit from everybody’s favourite basketball enforcer, Charles Oakley, at his usual hilarious, homophobic best. And while I’m on the subject of basketball, please check out Brain On Funk, which is a fantastic site that combines the NBA with stupid irrelevant internet pictures. Two great tastes that taste great together. Usually I’d take this time to point out my favourite one of the moment, but there are really just too many to choose from right now, it’s all deadly.

– One of the UFC’s official cutmen, the world renown Jacob Duran (aka the other old guy that does not look like Morgan Freeman) recounts a list of the worst cuts he’s ever seen in the ring. Pretty gross. Really interesting. Adverb adjective.

– Holy shit, this is the greatest hoodie I have seen in my entire life. Nothing beats this. Nothing will ever beat this.

– I think pretty much everyone on the internet has seen this already, but I shall still post it for posterity’s sake. Star Wars Cantina 2010 by adidas Originals…? How can it be original if they are just copying one of the oldest and most recognized movie scenes in all of history? I have absolutely no idea what they are selling. World Cup something something? I guess it is just a commercial they made to show us how cool adidas is and how many other cool guys they know. Well it certainly convinced me!

And I certainly think these Slave Leia kicks are the fucking bomb. Is this the ultimate girly, nerdy, hipster shoe?

And Jay Baruchel? He’s in everything now! What, was Transformers 2 really that bad to Shia?

– Speaking of mental disorders and Star Wars, this is an interesting write-up about how some psychiatrists and psychologists are using Anakin Skywalker as a fun example of a borderline personality disorder case study. You know, for fun. A lighthearted way to teach some ideas in a fresh and amusing way. Which makes the comment section the real meat of this link; all sorts of people informing us that, uh duh, Darth Vader is a fictional character (Thanks, we didn’t know that!), that no, Anakin Skywalker wasn’t a BPD because of the following fifteen canonical reasons (27 reasons if we can cite from the extended universe), and of course the classic, OMG these scientists are wasting their time, here is 15,000 words complaining on the comments section of an internet article about how these other people have no life.

Twenty thousand years from now, alien archaeologists will be combing through the fossilized remains of human civilization in the early 21st century. I can only imagine what they will think when they find all the archives of YouTube video comments and similar relics. (Who is this “Jay Baruchel” man and why is he in everything?)

“What the fuck was that?”
“You know, Chewbacca.”
“Oh, another beard joke, fucking hilarious!”



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