Thank God For Old Navy

Oh no. Apparently we’re having a team event today for work, where we’re all going to have a picnic at the beach.

Unfortunately they only announced this new updated plan last Thursday…while I was away from the office. And obviously as I ain’t no chump, I didn’t bother to check my email on the weekend. I figured we were just going to go bowling or drink at a bar, as is the usual practice. Well now…I am the chump, because I am the only one dressed for the office when everyone else is dressed for the beach.

Black socks with loafers are in this year for beach fashion, right…?

– This is Immortal Dog by The Midnight Show. I thought it was by Picnicface because of the very distinctive Powerthirst vibe, but my mistake can be forgiven, perhaps?

Prom Date features Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Aubrey Plaza, Rachael Harris (whose excellent work you might remember from The Hangover and this yogurt sketch), and Orbit gum. There’s really no need to tell you anything else.

– And finally, here’s a picture of Superman caressing Batman’s pregnant belly.

Gotta run!

I’m going to babysit YOUR VAGINA.



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