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Sometime early this week, I yawned so hard that I think I pulled a muscle. My jaw still doesn’t work properly, and it is somewhat unpleasant whenever I eat. I think this is probably one of the sadder injuries a human being can sustain, along with groin pulls. There’s just something really sad about groin pulls, probably just because it involves your groin.

I think I need a doctor.

– Advertisements for fake movies continue to be some of my absolute favourite things to find on the internet. And these fake Lucas Lee movie posters for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World fit the bill exactly. I mean, these are legitimately really well done movie posters. They probably blew $100 million plus on pitch perfect marketing for this movie…and it still Bob-ombed (LOL). The shame of it is that the target audience for this movie probably loved it…only the target audience is probably like the span of geeky people (males) in their late 20’s/early 30’s that make up perhaps 5% of the total demographic, and probably only make up like 0.05% of the market’s purchasing power. The same guys that will champion your property to the top of pop culture and social consciousness are unfortunately also the same guys who illegally download all their stuff over the internet and are too lazy to contribute anything to the world economically. They’re probably the same guys who love Conan too. Well, I enjoyed it at least. And hopefully people enjoy Scott Pilgrim vs. The Animation too.

Also the soundtrack is totally boss, you guys need to jump on that ayesap, AIGHT HOMESKILLETS?

– The lacrosse hidden ball trick, whoa! I wonder if there is a way to pull this off in softball…hmm…nope, there is not. Idea dismissed.

– I think this story about a psycho nugget-craving Ohio woman is pretty old, even though the video was only released recently. But I don’t think there’s any of them worth watching over this one. What a brilliant, haunting performance.

– This video is called Flower Warfare, and it is quite enjoyable on a number of different levels. They have a bunch of spiffy videos – I invite you to discover them for yourself. Things are almost more rewarding that way, I find.




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