A Random October Post

My mouth tastes like a handful of pennies. How did this happen?

– What, new Transformers toys!?! Robots in disguise…of hats? These are like the coolest things ever! Removing the douchebag sticker would have been great, but you know how the youths are these days. They should actually make these hats for real though, that would be neat. OH WAIT THEY DO

– Someone mixed an Apple Maps commercial parody with Batman, and the result is pretty much what you would expect. The voice…it just gets funnier as it goes.

– Man, some dudes at Disney are really good at this marketing thing. Look at this ridiculous university website they made to pimp Monsters University and this amazing vintage commercial they made for Wreck-It Ralph. Plus here is a direct link to MP4 video of the new Toy Story short Partysaurus Rex – damn, they are good. Things are looking up for Disney, I feel good about all these projects. A feeling that is in stark contrast to the impending hilarious disaster avalanche that is barrelling down at us now that Fox has purchased the Peanuts movie rights. They’ve already announced a 2015 release and signed the director of the fourth Ice Age movie and the third Dr. Seuss adaptation! I’m glad that the proud Peanuts brand will continue it’s grand tradition of being dragged through the mud and watered down into nothingness.

K is for Knifeball, because…why not? Good wholesome fun. Also in the category of well executed simple premises…First World Problems. Good for you, Mr. Higa.

– Have you seen this new Warframe third person shooter in development? By the same Canadians that once upon a time made Unreal. I am totally down with generic robot ninjas as much as the next guy, but…switch teleporting? That is some crazy shit. Combined with decoy!?! I just want more of that stuff, I don’t even care about the action anymore. I think I’ve gotten to a weird point in my life where I just want all my shooters to be like Portal, where instead of shooting bullets at other dudes, I shoot mind bullets at intellectual puzzles. I think that means I am old. Like that memory remixing component of Remember Me actually seemed a lot more interesting than the combat system which just seems clunky and unnecessarily tedious. The idea is neat though…like resource management through combos? That’s new. But just like the memory stuff, I wonder if it ends up just being annoying and boring in practice even though it sounds cool on paper.

– It may shock you to realize that It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is into it’s eighth season. It certainly shocks me at least, and I’ve been following it throughout. There’s certainly something to be said for the longevity of extremely low budget cable television shows with no plots. This is the absolutely insane promo they made for this season. Haley Joel Osment´╗┐ is amazing in this by the way…and it also seems like he’s absorbed all of the mass that Mac’s sloughed off. Seriously, why is Mac’s insane weight cultivation and subsequent weight loss not a more prominent topic!?! That is scary.

Season premiere tonight! Also, The League!

“I just saw your dad’s vinegar strokes.”
“I saw into his soul. Not good.”



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