Old Guy Leaves Pseudo Cancelled Show

So Chevy Chase is really leaving Community, the timing of which seemed odd and overly spiteful because there are apparently just “1 or 2 episodes that have not been shot yet” in what I had assumed was the show’s final season. But apparently they never announced that the door wouldn’t be open for a fifth season renewal – I guess I had just assumed that it would immediately fold after Dan Harmon was canned.

I do think that if Dan Harmon was still around, something like bringing Bill Murray in as a replacement again would be a fittingly weird meta thing he would love to do, but obviously only if television sitcom work wasn’t so far beneath him (or apparently now for Chevy Chase also). So the obvious move then would be to get one of his brothers…either Joel Murray or Brian Doyle-Murray (who has apparently already appeared in an episode of Community…?) which would be even more fittingly meta.

I didn’t know they had actually completed so much of the fourth season already though…considering that it doesn’t even come back until February. How will they wittingly reference pop culture events that happen between now and then?

Won’t it be strange to lose the closest thing the show had to an antagonist? Will this mean a different role for Chang, furthering his descent into an outlandish mistral? The long term outlook for this show continues to disappoint.

How about Pierce Hawthorne and the Greendale Six?



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