The Dahk Knight

One interesting video to have surfaced last week (or whenever I wrote up this post) was this footage of Christian Bale’s audition for Batman Begins in what is presumably Val Kilmer’s stinky old suit, hanging out with the always delightful Amy Adams. This is where the Batman voice first came to be, it’s first exposure to the world. I can only imagine the workshop process before he debuted it on that Warner Brothers set.

I mean…what a crazy idea. Just think about it and how wacky of an idea it is to have a voice like that for Batman. To come up with it, to try it few times in the mirror, and go like…yeah, that’s what I’m going to do. And, God help me, I think it works. On one hand, it’s hilarious. But in universe, within the separate reality that these movies create, it makes absolute sense to me. He’s not just a dude in a suit talking with a normal dude voice. There is a whole identity that all the individual parts collectively build, and I can’t really separate out one particular component from the others. It’s only when you take it out of context, out of the flow and story and reality of the movie that it gets ridiculous. But that’s true for a lot of things.

But one thing you certainly cannot debate is that, out of context, it is pretty goddamn funny.

And Pete Holmes, the talent behind all the CollegeHumor Badman sketches like the one above, is pretty good at it. Case in point, his take on the Affleck Batman. (“Batfleck?” Ugh.) Whereas everyone’s poking fun and juxtaposing stereotypical Affleck attributes onto Batman, he has swung the whole thing around, and has retroactively juxtaposed Batman on Affleck.

And I think it’s brilliant.

I mean, whatever, having Batman talk in a silly Boston accent, okay, funny stuff. But it’s low hanging fruit. Comic book characters and talking in unexpected accents, it’s been done. But having Affleck talk in a Batman voice? You didn’t see that shit coming, son.

I’m not entirely clear on how we need/deserve the Batman voice, but the important thing is that we have it. It is the gift that will forever keep giving. That it will continue to be essentially the sole legacy of the Dark Knight, being the only thing we remember from such a great trilogy of movies with so many other positive things to takeaway instead…I mean that might be unfortunate.

But I’m not complaining.

Now someone please give me Batman’s take on his Boiler Room speech.

Applesauce, bitch.



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