Oh My God, Dude – McConaughey

I am personally more partial to Veep as my White House related show of choice, but House of Cards is also a good pick up if you have a spare spot in your television rotation, although it is a much, uh…heavier investment. Plus as a bonus, you will be able to better enjoy this mash-up, titled Full House of Cards. Actually you know what? You really don’t need any background to enjoy this, there’s nothing deeper to what appears to be just a straight unedited audio swap. Why do I enjoy this so much? I don’t know.

But if I may be real for just second, the most important thing you need to do with your television rotation is to clear a spot for True Detective and to witness Matthew McConaughey’s emergence as a real honest to God master thespian. Seriously, it’s only going to be eight episodes, and it’s wrapping up next week…there is minimal binge watching required.

– I have just discovered Aunty Donna, and they have this great bit called Subtly Spying on a Hot Girl. Their biggest hit though is this bit about chips and women which they have recently repackaged as Cresps. It’s quite excellent.

– With the arrival of the new year comes new excitement for me, with yet another closer step to summer. And obviously, this summer will be particularly different than previous ones, as I take a further step to deepen my relationship with the greatest love of my life. I speak of course, about likely moving to right field this summer for my softball team. Moving to a new position takes lots of practice, and I’m studying up on the theory as well, because as you know, you can learn everything these days through YouTube videos. This one in particular from Baseball Wisdom sounds pretty dead on. AL in particular is already an accomplished master of the Janitor Throw seen here, so presumably he’s already watched this. The rest of them aren’t too bad either.

– Here is a clip (trailer?) of the sequel to one of our favourite things ever, The Trip to Italy. Not much else needed here, it’s just as marvellous as before. Lazy internet research has led me to believe that the release date for this is going to be like…May? Or August? I don’t know. I guess we’ll know when people start posting clips of it on YouTube.

– You know what would make the Olympics cooler? If they featured fictional comic book characters. Pretty sweet, Francesco Francavilla. Bonus nerd points for featuring the Black Racer, the New God who is the avatar of the inevitability of death in the DC comics universe, whom I most recently remember from Infinite Crisis, when he was chasing the Flash, who was in turn chasing Darkseid’s God-bullet backwards through time. So yeah, that would indeed make Olympic cross country skiing pretty cool. Also, hurray for Canada in sweeping all four of the men’s/women’s curling/hockey gold medals, the only events of which I have even a passing familiarity with. Isn’t it great that blah blah blah ridiculous that the idea of national pride rests solely on the outcome of a single match blah blah blind to larger social issues blah blah those that choose not to define their way of life by sports blah blah but wasn’t that women’s gold medal game a fucking ride? One of the most fun hockey games I’ve watched in years, regardless of gender.

…wow, I wrote this post a long time ago.

– Check it out, an unofficial Inception board game on Kickstarter. I skimmed the write-up, and it does seem kind of neat. Or at least, my understanding of it. Instead of the collective heist job, players compete to plant their own idea in the dreamer’s mind, which has limited real estate. You collect cards in the higher levels and have to plan your entry into deeper, slower moving, and presumably the most card scarce levels…which is actually pretty neat. Will I spend like $70 on a bootlegged board game, even if it was available for retail and didn’t exist solely as a seed money request from some random dudes from Chicago? Probably not. But it’s a neat idea regardless.

Godzilla! I mean…Godzilla! Does this actually seem kind of good? I love this simple twist that all this nuclear bomb testing is actually just the cover story for unsuccessful attempts to murder Godzilla. So right off the bat you’re setting up Godzilla as a pretty badass dude, considering that he is like fucking nuclear bomb proof, and you’re also answering the question inherent in all monster movies – why they don’t just fucking nuke everything. And I love Pacific Rim more than anybody, and likely far more than I should or than it deserves, but even that in-universe explanation required a giant suspension of disbelief. (Seriously, a wall? That was the idea?) Also now there is also a decent excuse to set an American Godzilla movie in Las Vegas, instead of Japan. I think this is going to be good!

– Finally, here is Stephen Colbert dressed as Richard Branson, vacuuming, with what appears to be a naked woman on his back. I found this as context, but I still think I’m missing something.

“I just love sitting and feeding pigeons.”
“We’re gluten free!”
“What The Hell?!”



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