Wake Me Up For Star Wars

I don’t know why I found so much amusement in seeing how the Avengers trailer was released. Originally the plan was to dangle it in front of the masses as a reward for watching tonight’s episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, but somehow it leaked online, and Marvel just decided to embrace it and push it out a week earlier than expected. So now there is no incentive beyond the normal joy of watching the show for its own sake (HA!) tonight.

I’m not going to link to it, I assume you’ve either watching it yourself already or have access to an internet search engine into which you can enter the words “trailer” and “avengers” in whatever order or capitalization you like.

How about James Spader as the voice of Ultron? I had always imagined Ultron to talk with a more whiny/shrieking Starscream-type voice, but I’m right on board with this too. I hate the reveal of the Iron Man “Hulkbuster” armour in the trailer though, that seems like it would have been really cool to see that reveal within the flow of the movie – I mean there is no one that was on the fence about watching this movie until they saw that. Trailers give away too much now, I need to do a better job of obeying my own decision to stop watching them.

Unless they are backed by a Celine Dion track, in which case they are amazing.

– God, I hate this guy. Benedict Cumberbatch is now the front runner for the role of Dr. Strange in Marvel’s next line of inevitably lucrative movies, having apparently been picked by the studio and negotiations now starting. I don’t think this is a sure thing yet as I assume Marvel usually likes to lock up their guys for a whole bunch of movies, and it’s possible Cumberbatch might want to keep his schedule flexible over the next decade or whatever, so there could still be some roadblocks still. Regardless, it’s hard to doubt the casting decisions Marvel’s made so far. And I wouldn’t doubt at all that “magical doctor” is well within his wheelhouse. I like the idea of a Dr. Strange movie, definitely – it’s refreshing to see superhero movies differing in tone a bit like with Guardians of the Galaxy (and Ant-Man presumably) having more of a comedic tilt to it, and I hope we see something perhaps darker with this property as well. Though if they just end up Harry Pottering it up, I think that would be less good.

And how sad is it that Marvel’s going to push out a female lead in a Captain Marvel movie before DC gets a Wonder Woman movie out? Your movie department is not doing a good job DC, and you should feel bad about that.

– Hey check it out, Moosebox. I miss my Sonic days. This is a little reminder that those days did indeed exist but are now forever gone to me due to me because I will never be able to go back and recapture that initial childhood joy that came with the discovery of something so pure and fun again. What a depressing video.

– These are a series of commercials for White Only Laundry and they are solid as hell.

– Apparently Norm MacDonald has like a live web show or something now…? I didn’t know this, but here he is telling a stupid frog joke. The destination is really secondary to the journey.




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