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Do to popular demand (read: I felt like it.), I have called the Articles page back into active service. Didn’t add anything new, but that’s one less broken link on the site – and I’m quite content with that.

And now, I’m going to hit you up with some miscellaneous movie news.

Punisher‘s coming along nicely – John Travolta as the main baddie? Can’t go wrong with that. Here’s a new movie poster. And here’s a miscellaneous still. I think Thomas Jane still looks…a little too happy for a murderous psycho who’s just watched his family being gunned down. I want more grim, more gritty, and more crazy. But he looks big enough, and the hair’s died black…so I guess I can’t really complain.

One of those Punisher bits also mentions plans are being made for a Hulk sequel. Nothing more than that, though. Here’s the source.

Nothing yet about a third X-Men movie either – Patrick Stewart’s currently in talks to return, and I don’t think Hugh Jackman has officially been attached, but he’s expressed interest for it in the past. No idea whether or not Halle “I Won An Oscar” Berry will return as Storm…but really, I don’t care. Cast BeyoncĂ©, establish her as a bonafide movie star, save a couple million bucks, and pump that money into a cool Danger Room sequence instead. Word is that they were going to have a Danger Room sequence in X2, but budget cuts and schedule problems caused it to be cut. Bryan Singer wants to put it in the next one though. And same deal with the Sentinels – check out these concepts for X2. One and two. …I’m not exactly thrilled, but…Sentinels are Sentinels. I guess. Would have rathered them much bigger, with more pink and purple, and less like those Episode I droids.

Alien vs. Predator is in pre-production and is coming out sometime in 2004. Director Paul Anderson (Resident Evil) gave a presentation at some sci-fi convention in LA, and there was an article about it…but apparently there were huge spoilers. And since I hate spoilers like I hate chinese people, I didn’t touch it. And I’m not going to link to it either.

Hellboy has a movie coming out…Memorial Day 2004. …when the hell is Memorial Day? And yes, laugh all you want at his name, but he is the man who could very well save your son’s life. This has nothing to do with the movie, but this animated Hellboy video is pretty spiffy. And by “animated” I don’t mean like a cartoon.

Warner Brothers has released some pictures for Constantine, or Hellblazer: The Movie. Stars Keanu Reeves as John Constantine – a bad ass, chain smoking, trenchcoat wearing, supernatural kicking…guy. Check out these pictures – these are for you AL. These two come from Straight To Hell, which also has some bits about the movie and who John Constantine is. And these are from some Keanu fansite. See that second picture? Anyone else getting really weird erotic vibes from it too? No? …yeah…uh…well neither did I.

…and on that awkward note, I’m going to say goodnight, and go suck some cock. WAIT – NO, I mean…sleep! Dammit, I meant sleep. Oh man, this can’t be good. I’m having a terrible gay. DAY! DAY! Abort, abort, abort!



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