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Here’s what’s been happening in the world this week.

– I started work on Monday. I do computer stuff. For two entire days I didn’t have a computer. Amazingly, I’ve found that it’s very hard to do computer stuff when you don’t have a computer. Up to this point, I’ve done maybe two whole hours of work. Yet just showing up to do that little bit of work eats up my entire day. It’s insanity. And yesterday when I came back from lunch, I found that they had made me a name tag and put it outside my cubicle. …ah, fiddlesticks.


DC’s got a new logo. But whatever, the part that caught my eye was this. Frank Miller and Jim Lee on Batman? That’s insanity. Why didn’t anyone tell me? It sure didn’t catch Marvel off-guard – here’s a look at their response. Nice. Just plain fucking retarded.

– Speaking of just plain fucking retarded, here’s another one. Why does Ghost Rider get a toy? He hasn’t been in a comic for the last ten years. Marvel must have a movie in the works that they want to push. And check it out – Wolverine’s jet plane has claws. Claws. WHAT THE FUCK IS AN AIRPLANE GOING TO DO WITH FUCKING CLAWS!?!

– Hold on…I just found some photos from the 2005 Toy Fare. I’ve officially changed my stance on these toys mid-post. I want the Captain America one, which I will henceforth refer to as “Americus Prime.” And check out its vehicle form. It has helicopter blades, wings, and legs. …I just…what…but…WHY!?!

Man shot three times while cleaning gun. Someone’s got to explain to me how you can shoot yourself THREE times while cleaning your gun. Like he shot himself, figured it was only a flesh wound, kept cleaning the gun, shot himself again, figured that he could probably hurry and finish cleaning the gun before he would bleed to death, shot himself for the third time, and then finally realized that this probably wasn’t the best idea ever? My mind just isn’t able to put the facts together correctly.

– And finally, some video of Gunstar Super Heroes has just come out. Apparently there’s no two player mode, and you can’t combine different types of weapons (ie. fire + lightning = LIGHT SABER DIE DIE MELON BREAD DIE JUMP KIIIIIIIICK). Very sad news. And the guy playing in the clip really sucks.

You stay classy, San Diego.



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