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I watch couples on the subway all the time. Odd one today. The guy was a sleazy, confident looking fellow. Not unattractive. Not the kind of guy that anyone I know would be attracted to, but I can imagine that he gets his fair share of hood rat action. The girl…well, the girl was as ugly as sin. I don’t normally like to say that kind of thing, but this chick was ugly with a side order of ugly and with ugly to drink. She was all bad skin and bad teeth. Awful. The two of them were fairly affectionate. She leaned against him and they held hands around the general area of her crotch. It was certainly sweet in one sense, nauseating in another.

I’m sure you all know that I have quite the imagination. So I wondered. Was she just a convenient screw buddy? Was this PDA just part of the routine? A routine that he would only maintain until they reached Finch Station and he could call a cab to take them back to his (or her) place for a quickie? Then he’d make a hasty exit, giving her a quick peck on the cheek and assuring her that he’d call for her services again at some later date. That made sense. After all, she at least had a big enough ass for a nice roll in the hay. On the other hand, maybe the guy has no taste. Or he’s desperate. Perhaps in that sick, twisted mind of his, he really thinks that he’s got a hot babe on his arm. Beauty in the eye of the beholder and all that. That’s possible, definitely. Or maybe…maybe he sees some true beauty there. Like, maybe he’s dated the shallow, air head, “maybe it’s Maybelline-type” chick before and he’s tired of that noise. Maybe she’s got a great personality. Maybe he has to put up with his friends harassing him all the time about being with this girl, but he doesn’t give two craps because for the first time in his life he can finally look into his girlfriend’s eyes and not feel the urge to stab himself in the thorax with a pen knife. I don’t know. Maybe she’s a decent lay.

The only thing I do know for sure is that everytime I’m on the train and I see a girl with her eyes closed and her man’s arms around her, I think about how I’d do anything to know that kind of trust and to be able to make someone feel that safe.

And now, YouTube links.

I keep forgetting to put this up. Here’s Patrick Stewart’s appearance on the British comedy Extras Or maybe I already posted this? If so, somebody let me know so I can make a quick edit. If not, then enjoy.

And here’s all the Darryl Strawberry-Homer stuff from one of the ten best Simpsons episodes ever, Homer At The Bat.

You came after me.
I had to. People like you an’ me don’t find each other too often in this damn world. Please come with me, Tulip.
No. No, that’s not fair. You haven’t the right to say that to me, and you know it…you’ll hurt me again, you’ll break another promise, you’ll–can’t you see it makes no sense for me to come with you…!
Oh Tulip, of course it don’t. What we have ain’t born of reason or logic ’cause love never is. It’s stupid an’ crazy an’ irrational, ’cause it comes from in here, an’ that is one thing that never makes no sense. But I do know that I have got to change a little, if this macho bullshit you talked about is gonna keep gettin’ in the way. We don’t gotta just accept the way things are. Just like we don’t gotta let ourselves be lessened by death or any other damn thing. Just like we don’t need no God to shape the world for us. We can make our lives the way we want them–or we ain’t worth nothing. Now take my hand an’ I swear I’ll love you ’til the Goddamn stars go out.
I guess I must be learnin’.



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