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Secret Heart – Feist

Alyssa. I met her last week when my friend Heather didn’t show up for class. Alyssa’s friend didn’t show up either. So she ended up sitting next to me. I wasn’t looking for conversation. After a couple of quiet minutes, she asks me for the time. That old chestnut. From there we chat, small talk to begin with. We don’t even exchange names until class is half over. Afterwards, I have to go meet Julius, but I head back to Sidney Smith lounge afterwards because she says she’ll be there. We talk some more.

Today, I wasn’t sure how to approach things. If our respective seating partners returned, it would be illogical for us to sit together. I decide to get their early and let the players fall where they may. She shows up and either doesn’t see me or decides to go back to the original seating positions (later, I learn it is the former). I don’t mind. Her friend Andrew shows up. Heather doesn’t. I sit alone, which is good for me because it gives me a chance to concentrate and I end up making a number of insightful comments during the class. Three, to be exact. I decide not to say hello after class. Have to find Julius.

I conclude my business with Julius and head to Sidney Smith lounge, hoping Alyssa will be there. I run into a couple of people I know. Bell and his girlfriend Wanda (or as she might be better known around these parts, “Chinese Kelly Clarkson”). Eventually Alyssa shows up and I finally go out of my way to talk to her. We sit down and I expect her to pull out her laptop and start cranking away at it so as to avoid any direct conversation with me. She doesn’t. We talk for a while.

“My friend Heather ditched me again. Maybe I should start showering again.”

She laughs. I ask her to come to my next class so she can see Professor Dickie, who is, like, the greatest professor ever. Unfortunately, she declines because she has her own three hour lecture to attend, which she hates. I tell her that I won’t be able to enjoy mine as much as usual knowing that she’s suffering a few rooms away. That gets a smile out of her. She has bad teeth, which is one of my top three turn-offs. I am undeniably attracted to her. Just like last week, when she leaves, there is that slight hesitation to pull away. There is definitely a vibe, one that I haven’t felt since…in a long time. There’s a chance I might see her next Tuesday, but it could be a whole seven days before we meet again. I curse myself for not getting her number or at least her e-mail. There are many things I don’t know about her. As usual, I am running before walking.

You’re with us Ron, what do you think?
She–sh–It’s terrible! She has beautiful eyes and her hair smells like cinnamon!



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