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Yesterday on the drive to work, it was very sunny in the morning, and the sun was blinding my eyes. So I took my sunglasses out and put those on instead so that the sun wouldn’t blind me as much. But I keep my sunglasses in my car, and since it was so cold yesterday and the night before, the metal legs on the sunglasses were very cold as well. And when I put them on, and they touched the sides of my head, I found that they were indeed very cold, and I gasped out loud in surprise “Wow, that is cold!” when I put them on.

But then I turned on the heat, and after a while they weren’t as cold any more.

This is my blog where I can type anything I want and people will still read it. I hope you enjoy your stay.

– Apparently there exists an extended version of that crazy Coke commercial dubbed “The Happiness Factory” where they show all the computer generated zaniness that goes on inside the machine when you somehow inexplicably pay for a full, glass bottle of Coke for only a quarter. I guess the ad failed to mention that this actually took place back in the 1960’s.

Here’s a second installment of the commercial just for completion’s sake.

– Some guy gave his AR-15 rifle a Hello Kitty makeover, and I haven’t decided yet whether this is really awesome or just really stupid. I welcome you to come to your own conclusions.

Here is a gallery of Stan Lee Tribute Artwork. I like Scott Campbell’s set of Spider-Man watercolours and Jason Limon’s Iron Man collage the best, but there’s all sorts of fun stuff there.

Boom Goes The Dynamite is still the gold standard of sports casting train wrecks (Wayne Simien was on an All-American Team? Really?), but You’re Going Down Lauren is a welcome addition to the pantheon of failure.

It’s going down like a hurricane.



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