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So I got hooked on these five second movie videos on YouTube, and for someone that enjoys the process of distilling two hours of footage into like a minute long trailer as much as I do…well that should come as no surprise. This is the equivalent of intellectual junk food. They’re all like 20 seconds in length so it doesn’t feel like you’re having too much, but once you pop you just can’t stop. I’ve been scarfing these down all day at work. Here are two good stashes, and I’m sure you can find a whole lot just by swinging around via the list of Related Videos.

It should be to no one’s surprise that my favourite so far is Commando, nor should the five second version of the movie itself be a surprise to anyone either. And yet…it’s still so funny, which really is a testament to the original movie and preserves its spirit quite well.

Lost In Translation was a good one as well. Browse at your own leisure.

Anyway, here’s the important link – a compilation of all the Tracy Morgan scenes (including those that were justifiably cut) in the made for television movie Totally Awesome. It’s Wikipedia description sounds pretty atrocious (Another movie parody movie? …uh, hurray!) so I’m not really motivated to watch it, but there’s so many quotables in this completely insane video that it just cannot be ignored. I don’t even think Tracy Morgan’s acting on 30 Rock anymore – at this point, Tracy Jordan doesn’t even really seem like a fictional character.

I spent all of last weekend saying nothing but lines from this video…if you’re interested in holding conversation with me for the next month or so, I would deem this as required watching.

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