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I don’t want to overhype this post or anything, but it contains more than two links. This is a career high, or whatever you sports fans say when someone does something with that ball more times in a game than he’s ever done before.

Link 1! This is so similar to a Kristin Wiig-style SNL commercial that I can’t believe it’s serious. Nevertheless, it looks to be a legit commercial. Then again, I was too afraid to actually watch the other videos they have on Youtube, so I could be wrong.

Link 2! Remember the Powerthist and The Proposal guys? They’re apparently from Halifax, and do some decent stuff. Also, here’s a good example of why prop guns are awesome.

Link 3! A quick visual punchline that just works for me. Note the time (under a minute). We can at least come up with 30 seconds of material right? There is no excuse now. Also, this one is obvious but I still dug it.

Link 4! Kids songs sang by rock stars. More song humour.

Alright, I think I’m tapped out. My mana pool has been emptied, so to speak.

Answer me these questions three.


  1. Choking Yak says:

    I don’t know, the movie ad is so bad…but after that emo kid turned out to be fake, I don’t know anything anymore when it comes to the internet. I was so sure about EmoKid21Ohio too. So sure!

  2. FlamingSheep says:

    Which reminds me. We also need to purchase a large green sheet of fabric for a makeshift green screen.



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