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Can’t really think of anything to write about, so I’ll just post some links.

– Ah, fuck me. Proof that I can’t come up with anything original, even if I think I did. Must be some subconscious type of ESP. And while we’re on the subject, this one’s my favourite, his “Why?” bit. Anything that hates on children that much…can’t lose.

– Copped this from Penny Arcade, but if you haven’t seen or heard much about Left 4 Dead (the new four player co-operative zombie survival FPS from Valve) yet, then you need to click this. By the way, I didn’t quite understand why there was a numerical ‘4’ in “Left 4 Dead” up until I started typing this post out…it got one of those “Huh? OOOooooh…haha, I see what you did there, clever!” reactions out of me just now. I’m retarded. It looks absolutely awesome, and I actually believe them when they say that this will do for multiplayer co-opt games that Counter-Strike did for multiplayer games. And that’s saying something, because Counter-Strike is one of the greatest multiplayer games of all time (and probably also just one of the greatest games of all time, period) and the fact that I was always better at it than StarCraft leads me to think that it was just a better game, because if I suck at a game, then it’s the game’s fault.

– Speaking of which, first looks at Guitar Hero 4, which will be exactly like Rock Band except the drum set has two additional cymbals and only three drum…things (meaning a total of six different “notes” along with the pedal) and a song creation feature. I thought it was very considerate of Activision to not let you just use Rock Band and Guitar Hero stuff interchangeably – just a classy, classy organization from top to bottom. So now if you want to get Guitar Hero 4, you’ll probably have two pairs of guitars and two drum sets sitting taking up space in your living room. Not that I care, since I’m never playing this fucking game ever again anyway, in whatever form it shapeshifts into.

EDIT: Apparently Konami is coming out with Rock Revolution for all platforms as well, with another new drum set. God, they can’t make enough of these, can they?

This is a transcribed interview with President George Bush, the bulk of which is largely uninteresting. However, of particular note is when asked if he could build a baseball team of whichever players he wanted (which was an odd question, especially since the one that preceded it was about brokering peace in the Middle East), he mentions Chase Utley (though it was transcribed as “Ottley”) and our very own Roy Halladay. You’ll have to do some CTRL+F’ing to get to it as it’s a long article, but I thought that was neat.

Man Babies is one of the most horrifyingly captivating things the internet has ever produced. I don’t think it would be inaccurate to say that it’s probably up in the top ten creepiest things I’ve ever stumbled across online. And it’s not even Japanese, which actually makes it even weirder.

I could beat the shit out of THOUSANDS of two year-olds, all day, just walk around…they would never even gang up on me, they SUCK, I’m not afraid of her.



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