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Yesterday, a palliative care patient I had met for no more than 2 minutes was being really bitchy. I was trying my best to be polite and to grin and bear it, but at one point, she broke out into histrionics and asked, “Why aren’t you treating me? Do you people want me to die?”

My brain snapped audibly.

I replied, “Well, that is sort of the definition of palliative care.”

I’m probably going to hell.

Everyone knows about the whole Kanye/Swift incident, but the other big ticket news item is the death of Patrick Swayze. Predictably, no lull was experienced before the Ghost jokes started popping up on the internet. But this is a work of art. Whoever made that picture is truly the Tarantino of the jpeg.

I spent the most amazing night of call at the hospital last Sunday. I brought my laptop and watched District 9 and Up. Pixar keeps shitting out retarded concepts for movies, and then spinning that shit into gold. I hate them so much.

Speaking of animation, here’s a cool steampunk short film with a great visual aesthetic. Max can jump in and critique the negative space or something.

And to cap the evening, here’s the original star fucker James Tiberius Kirk’s Guide to Kissing Women.

As always, keep the pimp hand strong my friends.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hello flamingsheep, I know where u live



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