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So how about that? The biggest chokers in Florida this summer were actually not the Miami Heat, but the prosecution in Casey Anthony’s case! HEEEEEYOOOO. Check it out, The WAMBAG’s getting all topical and shit now! Current events all up in yo face!

It’s all anyone’s talking about in the office now, and I do admit to a morbid curiousity of the case details. Have you checked out the Wikipedia page? Fascinating stuff. Even moreso if you’ve just finished catching up on Dexter like I have.

One of the funnier bits has to be the revelation that police found Google searches for “neck breaking” and “how to make chloroform” in her internet search history. Which is pretty rich. But then I thought about the type of stuff police would find in my internet search history…and it terrified me.

I can never run for public office or ever be a part of a criminal trial.

– For my money, the most horrifying thing to come out of all this has to be Jay Leno’s monologue in which he cracks a few jokes about it…and Sweet Zombie Jesus what happens there? That was like Michael Richards at the Laugh Factory – was it a problem with delivery or content? Regardless, I actually find Leno’s monologues pretty funny in small doses, just because it’s always fascinating to see exactly how unfunny the jokes are objectively at face value. It’s pretty crazy to consider just how popular the show (still) is, and how relatively…normal the audience looks. The entire idea of Jay Leno having a job still boggles my mind, just like how I couldn’t figure out how Vampires Suck absolutely destroyed Scott Pilgrim vs. the World at the box office. Still so much I don’t understand about how the world works.

– Also in the spirit of the presumption of innocence, I would have absolutely no problem believing three bags containing a million Euros…just…you know, fell out of the truck. But in a way that would not have activated the alarm or in any other manner that would have alerted the drivers. I absolutely buy that.

– I also have absolutely no problem believing that Hugh Jackman is straight. I am also going to see his one-man show in concert this weekend, and legitimately very excited, and you should also have absolutely no problem believing that I am straight as well.

Oh, I can taste those meaty, leading man parts in my mouth!



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