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This girl out-walked me today going to the subway station after school. I thought that was kinda weird. Not that I’m bragging – and not that it’s much to be proud of – but I consider myself a fairly fast walker. Whenever I’m off school and want to get home, I turn on the frickin’ jets known as my legs and get the heck out of there. I got this great leg length/stride distance/pace frequency ratio working for me, and usually the only people that can beat me on the street look really stupid because it’s so obvious that they’re just trying to walk faster. Psh. Not me baby – it’s all natural. I keep da cool with the walking business. But tonight after class, this tall red-headed girl comes out of nowhere and blasts past me. It was like one of those races from a Flash comic – we were duckin’ and weavin’ through walls of slow fat people and everything – but I still couldn’t beat her. I don’t know why – she wasn’t particularly tall, wasn’t particularly fast – it was like she tapped into the speed force and just floated past everything. Eventually she hit a wall of slow-walking-fast-talking fobs and had to break from “the race.” And when I passed her, I had a slight glimpse of her face. It was dark outside and my memory’s not what it used to be, but I think it was this girl who works at one of the comic book stores I go to sometimes. Weirder still, I’m fairly certain that I caught a look of spiteful hate towards the fob wall, and we made eye contact. Ha! So she was trying to beat me. Ho ho! Bring it bizatch.

In other news, I think I read far too much into the everyday aspects of my life. But hey, anything will amuse you after a three hour calculus lecture. Ugh. Also, I’ve grown kinda restless with the site, and I think I’m going to throw in a slight redesign the next time I have some time. So that should be pretty exciting. And by “exciting” I of course mean “not exciting.” Because, you know – I get those mixed up all the time.



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