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31 Days Of Summer

I keep forgetting that August 31st exists for some reason. I know, it’s kind of sad considering how I’ve seen over two dozen Augusts already, and they don’t really change that often like with February. And yet, it happens. I get to August 30th and I think that’s it for the summer. Maybe because this […]

Kevin Spacey And Gene Hackman Have The Same Dad

Something incredibly momentous happened in The Life of Yak this past weekend. Well I got really drunk and woke up a quarter million in debt, but that is a separate thing and we will save that for retelling at a later time. There may or may not have been some blackjack involved, I can’t say. […]

Totally Jawesome

Sometime early this week, I yawned so hard that I think I pulled a muscle. My jaw still doesn’t work properly, and it is somewhat unpleasant whenever I eat. I think this is probably one of the sadder injuries a human being can sustain, along with groin pulls. There’s just something really sad about groin […]

Raped To Sleep By Dickwolves

Ever since I have set Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien as my alarm, I have been waking up with a chuckle every morning. It is pretty awesome, you should do it. Actually you should not, because it’s my idea and I don’t want you stealing it, but still…rhetorically, you should do it. The trumpets…it’s the […]

Eight Goddamn Years

Today is the eighth anniversary of The WAMBAG’s first post. (Actually, it was last Thursday, but I am writing this post as if I had actually remembered this site’s anniversary for once, and wasn’t writing about my supergay dreams instead. Indulge me, please.) Ah, what a wonderful Thursday it is, today. I never know what […]

I Can’t Stop Talking About Inception

I had a dream yesterday, which is a pretty rare occasion for me. This one in particular was weirdly detailed and I remember most of it. So I will post about it here because I can, and you will read it because you are bored. I was in a movie. Not as an actor in […]

I Wear My Sunglasses At Night

There’s a lot of weird subtleties about laser eye surgery that are often forgotten amid all the big stuff. It’s a weird feeling being able to see your alarm clock while you’re still lying in bed. Usually when I wake during the night there is a lot of guesswork involved if I want to determine […]


Destined to fight the world's evil, The WAMBAG endures massive battles involving impossible stunts, races on horse-pulled carriages, and the desecration of enchanting medieval castles (all done with dizzying computer graphics). Not only does the eye candy keep on coming, the tongue-in-cheek writing and deep Transylvanian accents perfect the film with a dose of dark humor.



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