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Paying The Price For Your Lack Of Vision

So apparently Star Wars glasses exist…which I had actually assumed to always be the case. I mean these guys license stuff like lightsaber fishing rods – how can licensed eyeglasses not already exist? But I guess now these ones exist! For only five hundred smackaroos. The idea of Star Wars glasses is so delightful to […]

Grey’s Etymology

After watching the 100th Grey Cup last night, I have come to a realization that should hopefully impact the rest of my life. I will never be a fan of Canadian football. That’s not a statement meant to discourage or insult the integrity of the quality of the league or tradition behind it…but it’s just […]

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

It is upon us! One day, someone will tell the story of Vernon and Frank. But it will not be this day. Snow dad’s better than no dad!

Old Guy Leaves Pseudo Cancelled Show

So Chevy Chase is really leaving Community, the timing of which seemed odd and overly spiteful because there are apparently just “1 or 2 episodes that have not been shot yet” in what I had assumed was the show’s final season. But apparently they never announced that the door wouldn’t be open for a fifth […]

Stuff Me When I Die

This past weekend we celebrated the premiere of the obnoxiously long-named The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2…movie, which had a very solid $141.3 million opening weekend. One homeless dude celebrated by sneaking into the movie and drinking a bottle of Johnnie Walker until he died. As suicides go, there is a certain poetry […]

Top 6 Things I Like About The Jeff Mathis Trade

I lied, I have way too much I need to get out of my system about this trade. I also have no idea why I’m still so fixated on Jeff Mathis, who spent only 70 games as a Blue Jay. There have been so many more memorable players – good and bad – that have […]

Not Really A Post

This is honestly just an excuse to write another baseball post, I just don’t want to do them consecutively. Motherfuckers, I’m dropping like five posts in three days, this is like some WAMBAG circa 2002 shit! WATCH OUT – I am sad that I am not doing Movember this year, but for those of you […]

Breaking Down The Jeff Mathis Trade

Last night, the Toronto Blue Jays and Miami Marlins reached an agreement on a historical 12-player trade that included backup catcher Jeff Mathis (pictured futilely swinging above) that immediately changes the landscape for both teams. Mathis, fondly known around the league as “the worst hitter in baseball history” recently signed a two-year, $3 million contract […]

Excuse Me, “Ferro-American”

Because two straight posts about baseball would be wrong. – This is a commercial advertising something from Adobe, who I think are the guys who are responsible for Photoshop and that annoying update program I seemingly can’t get rid of that launches every time I boot up my computer. It is enjoyable because it portrays […]

Three Strikes You’re Trout

As expected, Mike Trout has been unanimously named the AL Rookie of the Year, becoming only the eighth unanimous vote winner in American League history. He joins fellow unanimous 1993 winner Tim Salmon as the only two Angels players to be named Rookie of the Year. There’s nothing fishy about the selection, as Trout should […]


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