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I missed the subway by a second today after school. By literally – one second – maybe even less if I grabbed the doors Hulk-style. First time I’ve just missed it. I was stuck behind a middle-aged woman on the stairs, who obviously was much less interested in getting back home than I was. If I was just another second faster I could have been in front of her instead, and thus I wouldn’t have missed the train. And suddenly, upon thinking that, my mind went into some sort of weird logic loop – like when the computer crashes, but messier.

I started thinking…what if I didn’t tie my shoes ten minutes before the incident? That could have saved me that extra second. What if I didn’t let that pretty girl out in front of me on the connecting subway? What if I had bought a metro pass instead of needing to fumble around for my token today? What if my legs were half an inch longer, so I could cover the distance faster? What if someone in the slow lady’s life moved a second faster or slower and slowed her down for that second? What if there was a fat guy on the subway that delayed it for that second at the last stop? What if there was a wind current in the tunnel that slowed down the subway? …holy cow, this one stupid meaningless event could have gone sixty bajillion ways.

Dang man, the world is an insanely huge and complex place. That or the subway’s pretty darn boring. Or maybe a little bit from column A, a little bit from column B.



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