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Well, the tagboard went down, as you can see. Something’s wrong with the server, and I know I said ages ago that I’d move to a different server…but obviously…I didn’t. Meh. So when it pops back up, we can figure out this 1000th business. Gosh, I hope it’s not Dan.

So in an effort to get back to our regularly scheduled broadcasting, imma gonna blog a bit. I bought a new hat yesterday. Which for me – since I’m wearing one for I think, literally 20% of my time here on Earth – is a big thing. My Jays one is getting on, and I think I have to retire the old guy. I’m working in my RedTyde one, but I’ve always been more comfortable with the idea that a hat should either a) have a sports team on it, or b) be funny. Which actually worked out real well for the Jays one, since I think there’s more Yankee fans here in Toronto than Blue Jays fans. I get laughed at for being a Jays fan – thus both criteria are satisfied. So really, my RedTyde hat’s been more of a transitional hat – I’m between hats.

Ended up getting a Leafs one, because…I’ve never had a Maple Leafs hat. I was thinking of getting a Raptors one, since at this point they’re doing a bit better than the Leafs (2-4 as opposed to 4-9) but the whole purple thing threw me off. After bringing it home, I’m wondering if it was really that great of an idea. It kinda looks just like a crummy Puma rip-off of the cooler Zephyr one – I don’t have the “T” for Toronto, and it looks a bit different. But it was blue and grey, which are my official colours. So for the next little while I’ll be working it in, alternating between my three current hats, to get the correct feel down.

Cripes – between this, a big comic week, and the stupid subway (both of them) – I’m running poor.



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