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I swear, I will fix the tagboard for good one day. One day.

Anyway…I got in trouble yesterday. I did the pre-lab for the wrong experiment in chemistry…so I got thrown out of the lab and I had to reschedule. Which is completely my fault, I’m silly – but I didn’t get in trouble for that. No problem, just reschedule – I mean, I was still prepared with work…just the wrong work. But when the lab co-ordinator was checking my pre-lab, she got all bothered that it wasn’t good enough. I asked her exactly what I was missing, so she starts going through my work, looking for mistakes. But I don’t think she could find any – so she just chews me out on not having any page numbers and not putting the dates with the experiment titles. Which is…silly. But I’m still a freshman in university, and I didn’t want to get into anything too big, so I just let her have it and keep her dignity. I apologized. So what was supposed to be a simple lab-rescheduling became a ten minute “chew-this-skinny-chinese-boy-up-because-he-has-no-page-numbers” deal. What a crock.

So I got in trouble. Now believe it or not…I’ve been incredibly good at staying out of trouble for the last couple of years. I never got caught for anything in highschool, so the last time I’ve really been in trouble or received a lecture was probably…in stupid grade 8 or something. No surprise for anyone who actually knew me in grade 8. But I’ve escaped trouble for like…four entire years. And the streak’s ruined now because I didn’t have page numbers. Dang.



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