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I just learned about this dealie today. Completely pointless, but vaguely interesting – not like I have anything else to talk about. And don’t complain to me if it’s old or that I’m not “keeping up with the times” because I really don’t care. I thought it was plenty neat. No scrolling down before you finish the steps in order! You’ll ruin it. Should take less than a minute, if your arithmetic’s not shot to heck like mine. I couldn’t do it all in my head – needed paper. Ugh.

1) Pick a number between 1 and 10.

2) Multiply by 2.

3) Add 5.

4) Multiply by 50.

5) If you’ve had your birthday already this year, add 1752. If you haven’t yet, add 1751. (…the calculator’s in your Start menu, under “Accessories”)

6) Subtract the year you were born – all four digits (eg. 1984) (You know you need it now.)

7) If you don’t have a three-digit number right now, I don’t think you should consider majoring in math for university.

Now looking at your number…behold! The first digit is your original number – and the last two are how old you are!!! INSANITY. Now you know what number you picked like 60 seconds ago, and your age! Isn’t that fantasic? That’s my Christmas present to you early this year, don’t ask me for anything else. (4-hit aerial rave!!!)



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