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The good ol’ RHHS will always hold a special place in my heart. In the hate area. I hate you Richmond Hill High School!!! Hate you! The worse thing about it? It hates me even more. I just managed to check out last year’s yearbook this weekend, since I didn’t actually buy one myself. Just out of spite. It was my final bout of “sticking it” to my school, after a long colourful history of stick-it’s. Turns out it had the last laugh. My grad profile’s wacked up. The yearbooks staff did a wonderful job I admit, ‘cept for my profile. They let one of the words at the top slip into the next line, and thus everything’s one line off. But the categories/questions are still in their original lines. So what I put down for my Ambition is now my Probable Fate, my Claim To Fame’s my Tragic Flaw, my Favourite Teachers are now my Catch Phrases, and so on. It makes no sense, and I look retarded.

So that irked me. Not that I really care what highschool classmates will think of me years down the road from now, but that the school had found some way to screw me even post-grad. I even missed commencement just to avoid that. (Though to be fair, I really did in fact, have a math test during it.) So when I had to go pick up my brother at school for some clubs or something, I was delighted and giddy with anticipation. While he was at his locker getting his stuff after school, I snuck into an empty classroom and took down one of the chairs that was put up already on a desk! Diabolical, I know. I even wrote “skoo sux” on the blackboard for some extra style points. Last laugh? Me.

But curses! Upon walking across the parking lot to my car, I got cocky and let my guard down. I foolishly cut across a slanted incline of snowy grass, and slipped!!! So I’m lying face-up on the school parking lot, looking into the sky and wondering why this place hates me so much. The lesson? Don’t screw with school. It will screw you back. Harder. Last laugh? RHHS. That magnificent bastard.



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