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Going through my first semester of university, three ugly exams, and just the whole “school” factor again was kinda crazy. So this sudden holiday break comes as very unexpected. I don’t know what to do anymore – there’s no work, I’m alone at home, lunch doesn’t magically cook itself, and I don’t need to wake up in the morning anymore. When you suddenly experience so much freedom, you can’t handle it. I mean, even the laziest bastard (ie. me) can only sleep-in so much – at some point your body’s biological clock kicks you out of bed. Like for me…2:00 PM. After that, you have to find ways to occupy yourself outside of sleep. There’s the usual minimal household chores, PIR, the ever-reliable MvC2, and twiddlin’ my thumbs, but those only last me a good hour or two at most. Maybe I should get more videogames – the newest game installed on my computer is probably StarCraft…or something. I’m too lazy to check.

So that’s when the mind starts wondering if there’s other stuff I could do for fun. There’s some nice snow outside, and I was considering going out by myself and making a snowman Calvin-style, but I think it’s the wussy-powder type of snow. ‘sides, it’s too cool to go outside. Then I played handball with myself indoors with a tennis ball. Anything’s fair – there’s no pocket, funny bounce, waterfall, or whatever calls. So if it goes off the door knob or down the basement stairs, it’s still good. But this didn’t last me too long, as it’s pretty hard keeping score when your the only person playing. That, and the fact that I had almost killed myself twice while diving for the ball, kinda turned me off the game. So now I’m blogging, to maybe kill off a precious minute or two.

It’s funny, because when you’re going through school and when you’re actually pretty busy there’s all sorts of things you’d like to do. So you put them on the to-do list for a time when you’re not busy – but when that time actually comes around…the list is forgotten. I had a billion things I kept in mind for such a situation, but now I can’t even remember one. It’s sad really. I need school to keep my mind from going moldly and all fuzzy. And once I get back to school and become busy again, no doubt this list will return to me again.

So I’m thinking yet another site-redesign, and maybe ditching the whole blue-thing this time. Maybe we’ll go black and white, green, or taking a hint from Jeffy boy, pink it up. So it’s something I might be playing around with in the next little while, and as always, you – the vauled and respected reader – can always leave suggestions. For us to read. Or ignore and laugh at. Depending on our mood.



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