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Sure-fire boredom killer – watching every movie trailer you can find. Probably nothing new to you, but I’d thought I’d rant about a couple that caught my fancy. So we got thems comic movies that – as a comic book nerd – I’m officially entitled to drool over. I’m most drooly about X2. I mean, Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, and Kelly Hu? Insanity. Oh right, and Daredevil and The Hulk both coming next year. Goody goody, it’s a good time to be a comic book nerd.

Some other worthy mentions include Arnold’s return in T3…which looks…actually pretty stupid. I guess mainly because I’ll never be able to see him in the same way again after Sheep’s japanese commerical, but check out the last line in the trailer and laugh with me. Also lookee at this…Equilibrium – insane kung-fu/gun/sword fighting action going on here. It seems exactly like The Matrix…in that it’s in some wacky dystopian future, where the government has “agents” (or “clerics” in Equilibrium) that are constantly trying to squish rebel forces using crazy gun/sword fighting abilities. But yet…it feels so much different. Now apparently it’s out already in the States…and I haven’t heard a thing about it here in the cold frozen wasteland that is Canada. But whether or not it’s coming here, the trailer’s sure very pretty. And some sequels for old movies, which I assumed had quitely passed on…Bad Boys II and…Dumber and Dumberer. The latter of which apparently also has some prequel thing going on too, since the movie seems to be about the origin of the dummy-pair. Can’t get enough of them prequels, can you? Well I sure can.

And lastly, some lastest sightings of WAMBAG-approved actors.

Jason Lee – A Guy Thing (…meh.)

Will Ferrell – Old School (Heh!)

John Cusack – Identity (Eh…)

Chris Farley – …yup, still dead.



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