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Some sports for you today – lots of stuff going on. I don’t know why I talk about it here of all places…but, whatever.

So…any Blue Jays fans out there? …baseball fans? …people that watch baseball on Leafs or Raptors off days? Did anyone even know we have a baseball team in the MLB? No too many of you eh? Okay.

Anyway…yesterday, the Jays got completely hammered by Cleveland in an embarrassing 15-6 loss. Even considering the fact that the season hasn’t even started yet, that’s still an ugly loss. But it turns out…that despite the loss…we’re actually still first in the entire league. Sure, we haven’t played as many games yet, and there’s other teams with more wins than us so far…but regardless, with our 5-1 record we have a 0.833 percentage that just barely puts us on top. The line-up’s actually…kinda almost decent this year. So maybe – just maybe – the Jays won’t completely suck this year. But at the very least, no matter what happens – we were once on top. Even if it was with only 6 games into the exhibition season. First time in like…10 years we’ve been anywhere near number one. I bet it’s all thanks to The Doc.

Also with the Raptors needing to go like 22-2 from now on to reach 0.500 and try to slip into the playoff’s…they’ve decided to pretty much forget the playoffs and just play hard to ruin the playoff entry chances of other teams. Which I’m all for – surely, there’s no goal in sports more noble than dragging down other people with you. So I’m all for that. Maybe we can screw over Milwaukee or Orlando, give Jordan one last playoff go. Though I wouldn’t mind see Milwaukee go instead of Washington…The Glove and all…

Right, and Leafs + Owen Nolan = Stanley Cup? Maybe, just maybe we can show Ottawa up again for the fourth straight time. Though I’ll miss Alyn McCauley, especially if he could play as well during the playoffs as he did last year. But for now…it’s all about the Senators. And beating them.



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