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Douggie no! Oh man. Now we got no Gilmour, no Robocop, no Mogilny, no Tucker…oh goodness. Leafs lose, Jays lose, Raptors lose…I feel like a rant.

1) To all you people who think you’re so clever when you start to cross the intersections right as soon as the light turns yellow: you’re stupid! Just wait for the little walking man to appear! Or at least for the light to turn green – come on now. Are you in such a huge hurry that you need to shave off those two seconds of waiting? Then why aren’t you sprinting down the street? Not to mention it’s like…illegal. When your silly jaywalking bum eventually gets nailed by that TTC street car, no one’s going to cry for you. But I’ll be there, standing over you, pointing, and laughing.

2) Why is it whenever I get a haircut, and I ask for a “trim,” the other guy always hears “shave?” Least I got the hat. Waited for a long while too. Was all alone in the waiting area bit…and there’s so many mirrors. So I enjoyed myself. Worked on my own suave face (which I feel is superior to Eric’s)…and I don’t know how, but I think I pulled an eyebrow muscle. So it’s kinda sad how my muscles have reduced to such a ridiculous level of atrophy. …that, or it’s actually physically harmful to be so damn suave. …I’m leaning more towards the former though.

3) Ice is too slippery. It should be less slippery. Came home a bit early today – helped myself to some quality “snowball baseball.” Next time, I gotta make sure I’m not standing on top of pure ice and wearing felt mittens. …man. The bat slipped worse than I did, when it went flying out of my hands and landing like thirty feet away. Good thing for little Jimmy that he wasn’t playing this afternoon across the street from me. Curse you ice! And curse my own addiction to doing ridiculously stupid things!

4) YTV sucks. No matter how good Justice League is, it’d never be worth enduring the animated commercial shorts for “The Zone.” I miss the old school days, back when I was a kid – with PJ Phil and that crazy bubble gum/television Snit guy. Or even back before then…when I used to watch the first X-Men show (“Cable’s power is that he has that cool gun that makes things explode!”) with the PJ Phil/PJ Paul team-up. Now it’s embarrassing.



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