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I think the problem with the Wambag is that it’s rather distant. Sure, Yak gives you amusing links with amusing musings. And Sheep posts a link or two occassionally, even though the Wambag is clearly the Edmund to his Edgar at VOX. I haven’t posted in ages, and there really was never a time when I posted consistently — at best, Sheep and I had some wacked out comics for a while — and I apologize, especially to Chewy, for the lack of Bags of late. I have no excuses, I’m sorry. Maybe its because, as I said, Wambag is so distant that makes me indifferent to my commitments to it … hm, commitment is too strong a word.

Here’s the problem. Wambag is a blog. According to blogger anyways. But the way we operate — no personal tidbits, no rants, the occassional feature, plethora of links — we operate like a news site. News sites are fine and dandy, if you’re diabloii.net or whatever — but our lives aren’t really all too newsworthy. News about the Asian Sensation just doesn’t work. Should we become more Bloggy, i.e.: more of personal, insightful, diary-ish thoughts? Or should we continue what we’re doing? Semi-detached periodic updates on … nothing?

Yak would remind me of course that the basis for this site is nothing. Those who would remember the archaic layout — and many kudos to Yak for creating this new sleek look — clearly stated “nothing” as our mission statement. That’s funny on paper. Like all that we do, this did have a purpose — to entertain… and perhaps gush and rant some too. I’m not sure we’ve succeeded. I guess that means I’m promising to post more and draw more.

After this week though. Spring Concert is gonna be crazy this year, mostly because I’m MC-ing for my first time. And, if it works out on Tues, I’ll have a big solo in Wind Symphony to worry about, plus the usual stuff at Church Street and Third Stream. I know I’ll have a great time but its still a little stressful. I’ll be back in a week or so, when things clear out. Oh that reminds me… if anyone knows the definition of an “alt.” chord, or knows how to look this sort of thing up, I’d really be grateful to know.

I think I started writing this because I was feeling a little down. I “worked” all day, but still have an unsightly pile of junk remaining to do — and having exhausted the entertainment value of webcomics, magicthegathering.com, diabloii, sclegacy, wordsmith.org, and everyone else’s blogs, this was the only unvisited site on my “favourite’s” list. (Sorry too lazy to provide links — definitely my least favourite part of blogging.) I think I’m mostly a little moody because of — oh what else is new? — abouts a girl. I mustered up the courage to call her. Wasn’t home — or screening her calls ‘cuz she hates me.

That combos with being conscripted to write an article for the music newsletter about our school choirs. I want to shoot myself. They’re telling me like “make it funny!” No.



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