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Right. Haven’t even touched this page for almost a week now…I’ve had some stuff to do – but really, I don’t know why I’m explaining myself to you common folk. I’ll come and go whenever I want dammit! As such I’ve collected a few “amusing links” but it’s enough that I can’t fit them into the little common themes I’m fixated with. So I’ll just get to it – random style!

The most elaborate case mod I’ve seen yet. Ten bucks says it’s japanese in origin. (The fact that the site’s in japanese helped me get to that conclusion.)

He just wants some candy – is that so wrong? (alternate site) Video!

Drive through at Jack In The Box – with Jack Nicolson. Heh – who put the “freak” in “french fries?” What a line. Also video!

Was at the comic store, and saw these crazy ass toys. It’s McFarlene – what more is there to say? The site’s already so cool. Note to self: still need to give Jill his copy of Alien vs. Predator.

Also, I think the last Animatrix came out a while ago. Still haven’t got around to downloading it, but…yeah.

I’m a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fanboy. Which is nice for me, because there’s that new comic coming in June from the Markham-based Dreamwave Productions. And also, there appears to be a new video game of some sort coming from Konami – makers of Metal Gear Solid and stuff.

And to end on a low note – boy “pregnant” with twin brother. Which while misleading – is still not very cool.



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