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Went to IKEA today, for the first time in years. And I gotta say…damn. It’s absolutely insane in there – you open up the drawers in a bedroom set…and there’s more stuff in there! That you can buy! In the drawers! The hell? I figured one of the imaginary people living in IKEA was a druggie or something – I found a cool jar full of quarter-sized white pills in one of those bathroom mirror shelves. I don’t know any non-prescription pills that are that big. I ended up buying a shoe horn that was almost a metre long. I don’t even need to bend my knees to slip on my shoes now! You know what that is? It’s insanity, is what it is. And get this – it has these rubber grips, like with cool pens…or ski poles! Why the hell would you need rubber grips on your shoe horn? One answer – for extreme shoe horning. I can’t really describe how cool it is – shoe horns are already so cool. But an IKEA shoe horn? …damn. So for the first time in my life, I visited a store that sold nothing but furniture and stuff, and wasn’t completely bored out of my mind.

Which is something that absolutely scares the hell out of me. Why? Because it means I’m getting old. I’ve been to IKEA before – but as a kid, someone who has absolutely no interest in furniture or bedroom sets. But today…some of those bedroom sets looked pretty damn cool. So I must be getting old. I want to be a kid again – I want to be able to stick my tongue out at other kids in passing cars, I want to be able to put puppets up puppets at puppet stores and laugh ’til I’m dizzy about it, and dammit I want to play wall ball again! And suck at it! When did I get so old and feeble?

Oh and completely unrelated link – check out this in-car entertainment system this fellow built. I wouldn’t be able to drive that car at all – I’d die crashing into a lamp post playing Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Or something – it’d be ugly.



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