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Killed a bug of some sort yesterday. I was at a red light in my car, and it just landed on my windshield. Then I flicked on the wipers, and I turned it into a two centimetre long smear. And for some forsaken reason, I thought it would make for some very entertaining blog material. But as you can see…it was a lot more entertaining in my head.

So I’ll give you a link, because life’s been generally unfunny this last little while. Which is too bad. When I run out of opportunities to laugh, it builds up and I gradually go insane. Like lead poisoning, but completely and utterly not. They call them Giantmicrobes. And if you ask me, it’s pretty clever. The basic idea is to take the tiny bastards that give you the ills, enlarge them by a million times, and stuff them. So you get plush, stuffed animal versions of the common cold virus and such. They only got a few so far, but the ones they got are cool enough. Like the Martian Life one that’s coming soon – the bacteria speculated to be found under Mars Rock ALH 84001. Hardcore. But because they seem to be educational toys for kids as well, it may be a while (if at all) before they come out with some of the more serious baddies. Like the more nasty ones like ebola, or the STD’s. Which again, is too bad. Because I’ve always wanted to say that I gave someone genital herpes for Christmas. Just without the…uh…extra “complications” that phrase would carry.



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