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I meant to put something up here the other day, but laziness got the better of me, as it usually does when I set out to do…anything.

Caught the All-Star Game the other day. And unlike last year’s retarded tie, this one was one ditty of a game. Our representatives did quite well, and were pretty chummy with the Japanese fellows, with Delgado marking up yet another RBI with Ichiro, and Wells subbing for Matsui. Ichiro by the way – is a baseball madman. Probably my favourite player – he’s so good that it’s irreverent he’s not a Jay. Between him, John Olerud (who actually was a Blue Jay when we won those World Series), and the pure quality of the team, I might buy a Mariners cap instead. Halladay didn’t pitch, but I don’t mind – it means he’s rested for today’s game and that he’s missed a potential embarrassment…unlike Gagne. So shut up, baseball rules.

Here’s a beauty – a spoof of the T3 trailer using the sound bites usually found in Ahnuld prank calls. The video isn’t done all that great, but if you’ve heard any of the better prank calls then you can’t help but be amused. <Ahnuld voice>”Who is your daddy, and what does he do?”</Ahnuld voice> I mean…how? How can you not be amused by that line?

…and some other stuff I forget. Dang, I had all these great links lined out and everything. But I’ve lost them all in the dark twisted corridors of my mind. Meh. Next time.



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